Animal General on Hudson
Dr. Freedman Dr. Zelinski
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Dr. Onderdonk Dr. May
Dr. Tierney Dr. Herzog
 Our Staff Our staff at Animal General is an integral part of the team that helps provide a caring and professional experience for you and your pet. Front Desk Office Manager: Alexandra Bransky Receptionists: Cecily Kamps, Dana Vaughan, Danielle Carpluk, Tracy Rivera, Shameek Ellis and Sabrina Cervantes Technicians Head Technicians: Cristian Diaz and Nicole Capuano Technicians: Karen McQueen, Dominick Massaro, Cheryl Bibby, Domenic DePalma, Lindsay James, Bamzi Eytan, Jennifer Kim, Veronica Osorio, Paula Lara, and Joely Nina
725 River Road, Edgewater, New Jersey 07020 (p) 201-313-7000 (f) 201-313-1628