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Dr. Freedman
"I love practicing veterinary medicine because I enjoy working with people who love animals.  The job is always interesting:  one day treating a sick pet and doing surgery, and the next day seeing a new puppy or kitten for the first time.  Bonding and interacting with the clients as they tell me how much their pet means to them makes the job beyond worthwhile"
Dr. Zelinski
Dr. Tierney
"Veterinary medicine allows me to advocate for those who have no voice. It brings me great satisfaction to heal those who are sick, ease discomfort to those who are suffering, maintain a patient's good health, and help strengthen the human-animal bond."
Dr. Ng

"I practice veterinary medicine to give comfort and care to pets, and to support the human-animal bond."

Dr. Lang
"What I enjoy most in practicing veterinary medicine is to care for my patients and their owners while promoting the human-animal bond and public health.  I love to form long-lasting client and patient relationships."



Our support staff at Animal General is an integral part of the team that helps provide a caring and professional experience for you and your pet.

Front Office

Alexandra - Office Manager

Cecily, Tracy, Dana,

Amanda , Natalia, Leslie

Veterinary Technicians and Assistants

Cristian, John, Danielle, Bamzi, 

Caitlin, Rocio, Shannel, Oscar, Julie, Edgar, Sophia,

Fiorella, Melissa, Anna, Gabrielle, Giselle